The 4 Best Mortgage Brokers In Cambridge [2024]

Best Mortgage Brokers In Cambridge [2023]

Navigating the complexities of buying or selling a home? Consider mortgage brokers as invaluable allies in your journey.

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These professionals play a crucial role in helping you discover the ideal property, securing pre-approval for a mortgage, and offering financial guidance if you opt for financing.


What is the average cost of hiring a mortgage broker in Cambridge?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost of hiring a mortgage broker will vary depending on your specific situation and needs. However, we can provide you with some general advice based on our experience in the industry. 

The average cost of hiring a mortgage broker typically ranges from $200-$500 per hour, which means that it could potentially cost anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000 to have an expert consultation with one of these professionals. 

So if you are looking for affordable help securing a loan or want to save time by working with someone who specializes in lending products specifically tailored for Cambridge residents, then hiring a mortgage broker may be just what you’re looking for.

The Best Mortgage Brokers In Cambridge

1) Angela Milosevic, Mortgage Broker Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo

Having worked in the business for many years, Angela Milosevic is a reputable and skilled mortgage broker. She is renowned for her solid lender relationships and has achieved elite status in the top 10% of the Canada Mortgage Alliance. As a result, her customers may easily obtain acceptance for a mortgage without having to deal with time-consuming paperwork or challenging lenders.

Due to her commitment to provide top-notch services, Angela Milosevic stands out among other brokers and is the best option for anybody seeking a reputable mortgage provider.

Business Information:
240 Holiday Inn Dr Unit Q, Cambridge, ON N3C 3X4, Canada

Customer Review:

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2) JC Mortgages

At JC Mortgages, they understand that finding the right mortgage is crucial, and that’s why they have experts like Janna Dawdy on their team. With 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Janna Dawdy knows the ins and outs of the mortgage market. Her passion lies in delivering an exceptional client experience, alleviating stress, and reducing financial burdens associated with change. JC Mortgages pride themselves on being a full-service mortgage office, offering a wide range of services to meet your needs. From buying and selling to new credit strategies and retirement guidance, JC Mortgages is your one-stop shop for all things mortgage-related.

Business Information:

Phone: (519) 895-8416

Customer Review:

“The customer service provided before, during AND after the deals were closed really stood out to us. A woman owned, successful business was a great selling point as well! The JC team cares about their clients. You’re not just a name in a database.”

“Everyone at is very friendly and easy to talk with. They were very understanding of my situation and I would recommend their services.”



3) Lisa Insalaco, Cambridge Mortgage Broker - Mortgage Alliance

Lisa Insalaco is a knowledgeable and experienced mortgage professional who can help you get the best mortgage for your circumstances. She always responds quickly, has the necessary information, and offers practical advice as she goes. Her commitment guarantees that during the refinancing process, all of her clients’ issues are taken into account.

Since Lisa is aware that every client is different and has a unique narrative to share, she pays close attention while she obtains the essential data before offering a clear action plan with specific objectives. So, look no further than Lisa Insalaco if you’re seeking a seasoned lender who will go above and beyond to give exceptional service!

Business Information:
32 Grand Ave S, Cambridge, ON N1S 2L6, Canada

Customer Review:

I’ve been going to Cyclone for a couple of months now since I moved back to Kitchener and it has been amazing! I started spinning about 4 months before and I can see how much going to cyclone has made me a stronger rider 🙂 Everyone is super sweet and lovely to chat to after or before a ride. I couldn’t imagine going to any other place in the K-W area!”



4) Excel Mortgage Canada Connection - Mortgages with Tess Velkovska

Tess Velkovska works at Excel Mortgage Canada Connection in Cambridge, Ontario, as a licensed mortgage agent. She puts a lot of effort into helping her clients receive the finest mortgage solution for their particular needs. 

Count on this expert to guide you through everything and take great care when dealing with your particular case. Ultimately, Tess Velkovska is the mortgage agent you need if you’re seeking someone who has integrity and genuinely cares about you!

Business Information:
226 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3M6, Canada

Customer Review:

I’ve been going to Cyclone for a couple of months now since I moved back to Kitchener and it has been amazing! I started spinning about 4 months before and I can see how much going to cyclone has made me a stronger rider 🙂 Everyone is super sweet and lovely to chat to after or before a ride. I couldn’t imagine going to any other place in the K-W area!”



FAQs About Mortgage Brokers

There are many things to consider when choosing a mortgage broker, including the experience and qualifications of the individual you’re working with. It’s also important to make sure that your chosen institution has been authorized by the government to provide mortgages. You can check this information online or speak with your bank representative about it.
Most don’t have any additional fees other than those associated with issuing loans (like origination costs). However, there are always exceptions; make sure to inquire about these up front if it concerns you specifically
A good mortgage broker will have extensive knowledge about all types of mortgages – from fixed-rate loans to jumbo mortgages – so they can find you the best possible option for your needs. They’ll also be able to provide guidance throughout each step of the buying process, from researching neighborhoods to negotiating terms with sellers.
There are many reasons why borrowers may want to use a mortgage brokerage instead of going through their regular bank or insurance company. Some benefits include: increased access to more competitive rates; quicker processing times; better customer service; direct contact with representatives from different lenders so you can get personalized advice about specific products available on the market; and greater flexibility in terms of how much money you borrow and when you can take out your loan.

Final Thoughts

A mortgage broker in Cambridge can help you secure the best possible interest rate and terms for your home loan. With so many different lenders and products available, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

That’s where a professional mortgage broker comes in – they’ll do the legwork for you and find the perfect financing solution based on your unique circumstances. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor who will work hard to get you the best deal possible, contact one of the brokers listed above today!

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