The 3 Best Jewellery Repair Shops In Kitchener [2024]

Best Jewellery Repair Shops In Kitchener [2023]

When your jewellery loses its shine, gets tarnished or damaged in any way, it’s time to visit the best jewellery repair shops in Kitchener! 

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From fixing loose stones to restoring damaged gold and diamonds, these experts have the skills necessary to get your precious pieces back into shape.


What Is The Average Cost Of Jewellery Repair In Kitchener?

The average cost of jewellery repair in Kitchener is typically around $50-$100. This price range depends on the type of jewellery that needs to be repaired, the level of difficulty involved, and the amount of time needed to complete the repairs. If you’ve lost one or more pieces of jewellery and need them fixed as soon as possible, call a local jeweller for an estimate. 

There are also online services that offer quick and easy access to professional jeweller service in your neighbourhood. So if you’re looking for affordable ways to fix up your worn out jewelry, consider calling a local jeweller in Kitchener today!

The Best Jewellery Repair Shops In Kitchener

1) Arman's Jewellers

Customers at Arman’s Jewellers have access to a wide range of options, including off-the-rack designer items and bespoke jewellery that is computer-designed from any image or drawing. Plus, imaginative remounts utilizing your stone or their stone may be created to give each person the ideal aesthetic. 

Their services like watch and jewellery repairs, ring size, appraisals, watch battery replacement, and more are included in the after-sale support package. Customers will have all they require to make their buy seem exceptional and distinctive as a result of this.

Furthermore, Arman’s, a respected jeweller that sells gorgeous and high-quality rings at reasonable costs, specializes in diamond jewellery, making it the ideal spot to purchase your engagement ring. 

Besides that, the staff is knowledgeable in breaking down every aspect of the items so you can decide which best meets your needs. Arman’s Jewellers is definitely worth a look if you’re trying to get beautiful jewellery without going over budget.

Business Information:
70 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 5C2, Canada

Customer Review:

I’ve been with Four Bells for a little over a year and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my health. I’ve learned how to lift weights and do so safely and with proper form, and I’m really happy with my progress so far. Four Bells isn’t the only gym in town that can teach this, but the instruction quality is definitely top notch. It’s the culture that Mark and the rest of the coaches have built that is what really makes this place truly special. It is a positive, supportive, and often hilarious place where no one takes themselves too seriously while pushing their fitness hard at the same time. Four Bells gets my highest possible recommendation.”



2) MT Jewellers & Goldsmiths LTD

The family-run jewellery company MT Jewelers & Goldsmiths LTD has been in operation in Canada since 1985. With experience in wholesale, manufacture, repair, and retail services, their team of highly skilled in-house goldsmiths, gemologists, and horologists has more than 100 years of combined experience in the jewellery and goldsmithing sector. 

They are able to provide clients high-quality goods and services at reasonable costs while upholding tight standards for quality control because of their experience. They sell a broad variety of jewellery, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and so forth, as well as custom-made pieces.

In addition to offering premium goods at competitive prices, their customer service is outstanding and they constantly go above and beyond to satisfy your demands! 

Clients find it simple to purchase with them since they are patient and polite, and they also offer advice on stones that customers bring in so that the best gemstone may be chosen. This makes it possible to guarantee that every consumer who shops at MT Jewelers & Goldsmiths LTD obtains a high-quality product!

Business Information:
875 Highland Rd W, Kitchener, ON N2N 2Y2, Canada

Customer Review:

I’ve been going to Cyclone for a couple of months now since I moved back to Kitchener and it has been amazing! I started spinning about 4 months before and I can see how much going to cyclone has made me a stronger rider 🙂 Everyone is super sweet and lovely to chat to after or before a ride. I couldn’t imagine going to any other place in the K-W area!”




Fast Time Watch & Jewelry Repair takes great satisfaction in offering premium services at competitive prices. In addition to offering watch and jewellery repair services, they also sell a variety of goods, including watches from well-known brands like Citizen and Fossil Timex as well as custom jewellery from “Inch of Gold,” which includes bracelets, necklaces, and more! 

To ensure that your purchase is supported by their dedication to providing top-notch service, they also provide a variety of warranties options.

Your possessions will be returned to its original state and appearance thanks to the expertise of their skilled team of professionals, who have repaired watches and jewellery in the past. 

From the most complex timepieces to the most precious pieces of jewellery, those who carry the Fast Time Watch & Jewellery Repair label are informed, exact, and driven by the same compassion and sense of accountability that have made Fast Time so successful throughout its 40-year existence.

Business Information:
2960 Kingsway Dr, Kitchener, ON N2C 1X1, Canada

Customer Review:

The coaching at this gym is top notch and very focused on improving your form. In a few short months my squat has improved in stability, range, and weight. I am not exactly a born athlete, so I appreciate the extra time the coaches spend to make sure I am doing the exercises in a safe manner. While CrossFit can get a bad rap for injuries, I think this is a safe gym to explore the sport. I also like that the gym offers powerlifting and gymnastics focused classes. The community is tight, and some are very competitive, but it is a great place to get stronger with like-minded people.”



FAQs About Jewellery Repair

Most often, you should bring your jewellery in for repair if it has any broken pieces or damage. If the piece is just dirty, you can usually clean it and return it without having to have the repairs done.
gold or silver can all be fixed with specialized tools and techniques by a jeweller. In addition, lost earrings and other small pieces of jewellery can often be replaced with replicas if you take your original item in for repair. Major repairs like rebuilding entire strands of pearls or fixing worn down clasps on necklaces may not usually require any outside help but will depend on the type and severity of the issue.
A repair is when jewellery that has been damaged or defective is fixed so it functions as intended. An alteration, on the other hand, changes something about the design of an item such as its size or shape – this would not be considered fixing it to make it function correctly.
Follow the care instructions that come with your jewellery. Most pieces can be cleaned using a mild soap and warm water. Be sure to dry your piece completely before storing it away.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re ever in need of jewellery repair, be sure to check out one of these amazing establishments – you’ll be amazed by the results!

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