The 3 Best Japanese Restaurants In Guelph [2024]

Guelph’s culinary landscape holds a special place for those who cherish the art and soul of Japanese cuisine. Our journey through the city revealed three Japanese dining destinations that not only serve up authentic dishes but also encapsulate the essence of Japan in every bite. Here’s what you need to know about Guelph’s best spots for Japanese fare, where tradition meets culinary innovation.

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The Allure of Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its precision, balance, and simplicity. It’s a culinary tradition where every element, from the ingredients to the presentation, is carefully considered to create a harmonious dining experience. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado, a ramen enthusiast, or a lover of all things umami, these restaurants cater to every palate with their array of traditional and innovative dishes.

The Best Japanese Restaurants In Guelph

1) Crafty Ramen

Diving into Crafty Ramen’s vibrant atmosphere, we discovered a place where passion for traditional ramen collides with local Canadian produce, creating a uniquely delightful experience. Their house-made noodles and broths bring a taste of Tokyo’s streets to Guelph, garnering praise for their commitment to freshness and flavor. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey into the heart of Japanese culinary excellence.

Business Information:

Phone: +15193402701
Address: 17 Macdonell St, Guelph, ON N1H 2Z4, Canada

Customer Review:

“Tried crafty ramen for the first time last night and was shocked by how good it was. I got the pork kaizen warrior ramen and it was 10/10. Will be ordering again, and soon!”

“Wonderful service! Quick, easy and delicious! I love it every time I come; this time got the Tokyo Salaryman with pork and a marinated egg! Incredible taste.”

2) Kenzo Ramen

At Kenzo Ramen, each slurp of their rich, flavor-packed broth and perfectly chewy noodles confirms why this spot is a local favorite. The welcoming staff and cozy setting provide the ideal backdrop for indulging in their renowned ramen varieties. Patrons raving about their experiences highlight Kenzo’s dedication to creating an authentic ramen experience that’s truly unforgettable.

Business Information:

Phone: +15198216443
Address: 5 Clair Rd W #10, Guelph, ON N1L 0A6, Canada

Customer Review:

“Oh my gosh, this is my new favourite ramen spot. It’s all so good. Made fresh, friendly staff and nice atmosphere.”

“The best noodles I have had. Great service and the food is fairly priced and very tasty. Excellent value for money! I have done both take away and dine in and I have to say, I would recommend dining in for the best experience. I had the Yakisoba several times. It comes served on a cast iron plate still cooking and it is great! 5/5 for sure!”

3) Hanami Izakaya

Hanami Izakaya in Guelph captures the essence of authentic Japanese dining with a harmonious blend of heartwarming service and exquisite sushi. Praised for its fresh, quality offerings and generous portions, it’s celebrated as Guelph’s premier destination for sushi. Customers frequently highlight the AYCE menu, complete with delightful fountain drinks and green tea, all served in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Hanami stands out not only for its culinary excellence but also for its commitment to making every visit enjoyable.

Business Information:

Phone: +15192655599
Address: 86 Gordon St, Guelph, ON N1H 4H6, Canada

Customer Review:

“Ordered for delivery many times. Always great food and fast delivery. The food is always fresh, tastes absolutely GREAT and the portion size is amazing comparing to other restaurants. They didn’t cut their quality or serving amount during this crazy Covid time. I am a picky eater but have always been able to find highlights when I order from them. Officially my favorite sushi restaurant in Guelph.”

“I have only had amazing experiences at Hanami! All of their staff is so friendly and they do their best to make your visit enjoyable. Their food is just as amazing as their service. Everything is always fresh and great quality! By far the best sushi place in Guelph!”

FAQs About Best Japanese Restaurants In Guelph

Yes, each restaurant offers options for various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices, ensuring everyone can enjoy Japanese cuisine.

While walk-ins are welcome, securing a reservation is recommended, especially for Hanami Izakaya, to guarantee a spot in these popular dining venues.

Absolutely! Each restaurant boasts a selection of Japanese sake, carefully chosen to complement their dishes and enhance your dining experience.

Yes, Crafty Ramen, Kenzo Ramen, and Hanami Izakaya all provide takeout services. Delivery options might be available through third-party apps, offering a taste of Japan right to your doorstep.

Final Thoughts

Guelph’s Japanese dining scene offers an impressive range of authentic experiences, from the depth of flavor in a bowl of ramen at Crafty Ramen and Kenzo Ramen to the convivial atmosphere of Hanami Izakaya. Each establishment brings a piece of Japanese culture to the heart of Guelph, making them must-visits for both aficionados and newcomers to Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re in search of soul-warming ramen, tantalizing yakitori, or an array of izakaya-style plates, these top dining spots promise a culinary adventure that’s deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and local freshness.

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