The Best 3 Garden Centres in Guelph [2024]

In the heart of Guelph, garden enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with lush oases that beckon with vibrant colours and the promise of green-thumb success. Here’s an inside scoop on the three best garden centres in Guelph, each offering a unique blend of flora, expertise, and garden inspiration.

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The Best Garden Centres in Guelph

1) Brock Road Nursery, Garden Centre & Gift Shoppe

Tucked away on Brock Road is a garden enthusiast’s paradise. Brock Road Nursery greets you with a kaleidoscope of plants and an incredibly knowledgeable staff, ready to guide you through every step of your gardening journey. Whether you’re starting a vegetable patch or a fairy garden, their extensive selection feels like you’re shopping in nature’s own store. It’s a vibrant, welcoming spot where every visit blooms into inspiration.

Business Information:

1858 Gordon St, Guelph, ON N1L 1G6

Customer Review:

“Came to pick up 1 yard of triple mix today with my dad’s open trailer.  Andre helped me and even notice my tire was low on air and offered his compressor to fill it up.  Great customer service, super helpful and knowledgeable.  Thanks Andre and your staff! Nice people!!”

“biggest selection in Guelph; very well organized, with signs for different areas and explanations of what is in that area and what those plans like}

-reasonable prices

-jaw-dropping pre-potted planters

-some staff were rushing around unloading new stock were keen to stop and ask if we needed anything


2) Secret Garden Boutique

Step into the magical realm of the Secret Garden Boutique Guelph, where every corner tells a story and every plant is a character. This charming garden centre, nestled in the bustling heart of Guelph, is famous for its eclectic mix of perennials, annuals, and whimsical garden decor. Smiling faces, personal touches, and a hint of garden mystery make this spot a must-visit for those looking to add a sprinkle of enchantment to their green spaces.

Business Information:

84 Norfolk St, Guelph, ON N1H 4J2

Customer Review:

First time coming to this shop. It was a cute place and set up very nicely! The owner was extremely friendly and helpful. She offered great advice and plant suggestions . All the plants looked well taken care of. Everyone in the shop looking around seemed to be regulars and they helpful as well. There was many options to choose from. The prices are better than other places and they have a selection of plants for every budget.”

“Always a pleasure to talk with Lori. Her plants are beautiful, a lot of selections and her prices are more than fair. She’s patient, will answers your questions and sent pictures so I can choose plants.

Always accommodated me in shipping the plants to Quebec

Well packaged and won’t hesitate to refuse shipping if she ever feel the plants might suffer from it even though its buyers risk. I really respect that 💕”

3) Meadowville Garden Centre Inc.

A short drive from the city’s hustle, Meadowville Garden Centre offers a tranquil escape for gardeners and nature lovers alike. With an impressive array of plants, trees, and garden necessities, it’s a haven where your gardening dreams take root. The friendly staff, passionate about plants and eager to share their wisdom, make it feel like you’re visiting family. It’s your go-to for quality, variety, and a healthy dose of garden inspiration.

Business Information:

7767 Wellington Rd 124, Guelph, ON N1H 6H7

Customer Review:

I recently visited Meadowville Garden Centre Inc. and was thoroughly impressed with the experience. From the moment I stepped in, the ambiance was serene and inviting. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, guiding me through their vast selection of plants and gardening supplies. The quality of their products is unmatched, and I found everything I needed for my gardening project. The layout of the center is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and find what I was looking for. Overall, Meadowville Garden Centre Inc. exceeded my expectations, and I’ll definitely be returning for all my gardening needs. Highly recommended!”

“We had a fantastic experience at Meadowville. We have been going to shop at this garden centre for last 6 years and today’s experience was the icing on the cake. The staff and owners are so personable. They have a wide selection of plants and accessories and they host wonderful events too.”

FAQs About Garden Centres in Guelph

From annuals and perennials to exotic plants and native species, these centres offer a wide range to suit any gardening project, big or small.

Yes, Brock Road Nursery and Meadowville Garden Centre offer landscaping services to help transform your outdoor spaces. Secret Garden Guelph focuses more on plant sales and garden decor.

Absolutely! Each centre prides itself on having knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to provide expert gardening advice and tips.

Indeed, from unique perennials at the Secret Garden to the extensive nursery stock at Brock Road and the premium garden tools and decor at Meadowville, each centre offers specialty products that make them stand out.

Final Thoughts

Exploring Guelph’s top garden centres is not just about shopping for plants; it’s about experiencing the joy of gardening, gaining knowledge, and drawing inspiration. Brock Road Nursery, Secret Garden Guelph, and Meadowville Garden Centre each offer a unique slice of horticultural heaven, making them the go-to spots for garden enthusiasts in the area.

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