The 3 Best Facial Spas in Cambridge [2024]

Best Facial Spas in Cambridge

Eager for a rejuvenating facial experience in Cambridge? Look no further! Our experts have curated the crème de la crème of the city’s facial spas just for you!

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Choose to pamper yourself with Cambridge’s top facial spas to unlock radiant, youthful skin today!


What's The Average Cost Of A Facial In Cambridge?

The average cost of a facial in Cambridge is around $50. This price includes the service fee and any applicable taxes. Many people choose to have facials as an indulgent treat, or to restore their skin’s health after going out into the sun. A facial at a reputable salon will usually include some type of treatment such as cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and application of moisturizers or masks. 

If you are looking for an affordable but high-quality facial experience, be sure to check out one of these salons on our list of the best places to get your face done in Cambridge.

The Best Facial Spas in Cambridge


All aesthetic procedures, such as skin care and brow shaping, are the area of expertise at Tealstreet Skin + Esthetics. By utilizing the most recent technology and methods, their team of specialists is committed to providing high-quality services that will leave your skin feeling and looking fantastic. The results they produce are natural-appearing, beautiful, and long-lasting.

Additionally, their services are educational, as their employees explain all of the treatments that may be performed, as well as give useful recommendations afterward to help maintain your skin healthy and beautiful.

In addition to offering high-quality services, the facility does indeed have reasonable prices, making it a great option for individuals on a tight budget. This is why Tealstreet Skin + Esthetics is the ideal therapist for you if you’re seeking for a facial that is both soothing and professional!

Business Information:
Tealstreet Skin + Esthetics
3 Grand Ave S, Cambridge, ON N1S 2L3, Canada

Customer Review:

“Nate Howlett has provided us with sound financial advice for nearly a decade. He explains things in clear terms and leaves us confident in our financial decisions. His personally tailored strategies have yielded us major wealth gains that we otherwise would not have realized. I can’t recommend his services enough.”



2) Cloud Nine Spa

Cloud Nine Spa is a family-owned business that has been delivering high-quality spa treatments and products at reasonable prices since 2007. The company’s major objective was to give its customers excellent service in a tranquil setting. 

Facials, massages, body treatments, hair removal services, and more are just a few of the many customization possibilities that Cloud Nine now provides to its consumers. In addition to providing individualized service, Cloud Nine makes an effort to protect the environment by utilizing natural chemicals wherever feasible.

Therefore, Cloud Nine Spa provides the ideal treatment for you, whether you’re seeking a quiet getaway or want to indulge yourself in some relaxing treatments!

Business Information:
1705 Blair Rd, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8, Canada

Customer Review:

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3) Pur Balance Massage Therapy & Facial Spa

A distinctive spa, Pur Balance Massage Therapy & Facial Spa provides both therapeutic care and soothing spa treatments. The salon wanted to provide customers with a unique experience by offering both high-quality services and soothing amenities. Why couldn’t customers have two fantastic things at once? 

Incorporating quality and relaxation in one location is how the company came to be. This salon features a wide range of massages, facials, and aesthetic treatments to suit every client’s needs.

Overall, Pur Balance Massage Therapy & Facial Spa is likely to deliver the ideal experience, whether you’re searching for a soothing massage or some fantastic facial treatment!

Business Information:
40 Dundas St S Unit 1, Cambridge, ON N1R 8A8, Canada

Customer Review:

Worked with Mason for a number of years now. He has been very accommodating and helped me push my finances further. We’ve done house calls, virtual appointments and office visits as well. It’s been a seamless experience. Very glad to work with someone who has their CFP and a good grasp on economics. Planning to work with him for the foreseeable future. 5 stars”



FAQs About Facials

A facial is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your skin. A facial typically includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation (scrubbing), application of masks or other treatments and moisturizing. Facials can also help improve appearance by reducing wrinkles and age spots, calming inflammation and promoting healthy tissue regeneration.

There are generally no known side effects of facials, but always be sure to speak with your doctor before undergoing any type of facial treatment. Depending on the specific product you use and how often you use it, there may be some mild side effects such as skin dryness or a slight increase in oil production.

A good rule of thumb is to schedule your facial every three months, but you may want to adjust this timeframe based on your skin’s particular needs. Speak with your dermatologist about what would be best for you.
A good way to prepare for a facial is by cleansing your skin and applying toner. You can also choose to apply moisturizer before your treatment.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best facial in Cambridge, there is no shortage of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious and relaxing experience or a more budget-friendly option, there’s sure to be a facial spa in Cambridge that will fit your needs. 

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