The 6 Best Facial Spas in Guelph [2024]

A quest for inner peace and outer beauty often leads to the tranquil doors of a spa. In Guelph, three facial spas have earned a reputation for transforming skincare routines into luxuriant experiences. With a commitment to rejuvenation and wellness, these establishments offer more than just treatments; they provide a sanctuary for those seeking solace in the midst of their busy lives.

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The Benefits of Regular Facial Spa Treatments

The stresses of daily life don’t just wear down our spirits; they take a toll on our skin as well. Regular visits to a quality facial spa do wonders for the soul and the complexion. Tailored facials not only cleanse and hydrate the skin but also promote relaxation, reduce signs of aging, and boost confidence. It’s an investment in oneself that yields radiant returns.

The Best Facial Spas in Guelph

1) Seema's Spa & Salon

Seema’s Spa & Salon feels like a gentle whisper of luxury that caresses your skin. Diving into the local buzz, it’s clear – their bespoke facials are a ritual, leaving each client with a glow that speaks of their tailored touch.

Business Information:

Phone: +15198290876
Address: 210 Kortright Rd W, Guelph, ON N1G 4X8, Canada

Customer Review:

“Seema and her staff do an amazing job educating about products and services. I always feel fresh and rejuvenated. I’m in  Love with the facials, my skin has changed so much. Thank you for taking care of my face and other needs. Your the best in Guelph.”

“I have been having regular oxygeneo facials at Seema’s with Preeti for a year. Every time there are visible results!”

2) Woodside Holistic Studio

Woodside Holistic Studio is a sanctuary of serenity where ancient wisdom harmonizes with modern rejuvenation techniques. Their holistic approach, blending botanical plant materials and energy-focused treatments, revitalizes your natural radiance and inner balance, leaving you refreshed and glowing with renewed vitality.

Business Information:

Phone: (519) 822-1646
Address: 15 Surrey St W Unit 1, Guelph, ON N1H 3R3

Customer Review:

Kristen is so talented. Getting a facial at Woodside Holistic was the highlight of my week. She knew exactly what my skin needed and my skin felt fantastic afterwards.

I’ve had a variety of facials in the past and none hold a candle to the treatments at Woodside Holistic. After just one visit (and a couple of affordable products purchases) my skin is the healthiest and happiest it has ever been. The new space is warm and welcoming, Kristen is a gem of a human, and the treatment table is beyond comfortable. Very highly recommend!!

3) Esthetics By Jocelyn

Esthetics by Jocelyn invites you to experience a haven of tranquility, where over 14 years of expertise blend seamlessly with cutting-edge techniques. With a commitment to ongoing certifications and nurturing lasting bonds, they craft personalized treatments to enhance your natural beauty from within. From indulgent self-care sessions to establishing a consistent wellness ritual, their dedication ensures you emerge feeling revitalized and empowered.

Business Information:

Phone: (519) 362-6962
Address: 111-115 Norfolk St #2, Guelph, ON N1H 4J7

Customer Review:

Love visiting Jocelyn for any of her services.  She is always so welcoming and caring. Always goes above and beyond for everyone. I absolutely love her new face care products that she put so much hard work and effort into making. My favorite is her retinol, the quality is unmatched. Being as I suffer from super sensitive skin I have had no reaction and it makes my skin feel AMAZING!

Amazing experience. So relaxing. All natural products that are gentle to the skin. Jocelyn is the best!

4) Skin Studio Beauty Co.

Skin Studio Beauty Co. is a slice of heaven where modernity meets relaxation. Through first-hand accounts and glowing social media comments, we’ve seen their devotion to personalized skin journeys crafted with expert care.

Business Information:

Phone: +15197660003
Address: 672 Woolwich St #5, Guelph, ON N1H 3Z1, Canada

Customer Review:

“Came on Saturday for a facial for my MIL and I and it was fabulous. Both of us never had facials before and it exceeded our expectations. Jordyn did my facial and she was fantastic. Meaghan recommended me products a month ago and was so thourough with my skin concerns. Within a week I noticed a difference in my skin and the facial honestly just perfected it all. Such an amazing team and excited to come back! Thanks to the whole team!”

“Love everything about the team at Skin. They are truly the most talented, professinal and authentic individuals. I would highly recommend them to take care of your skin care needs!! From the best facials to amazing brow care and tanning — I love everything about them and would highly recommend!!”

5) SHE Health and Beauty

SHE Health and Beauty

SHE Health and Beauty is a sanctuary of rejuvenation, blending therapeutic touch with award-winning products to nurture the mind, body, and soul. With a focus on guiding clients towards their health and wellness aspirations, SHE’s expertise in lashes, skincare, and spa management ensures results that exceed expectations, creating a personalized journey of beauty and well-being.

Business Information:

Phone: (226) 971-3950
Address: 1035 Victoria Rd S, Guelph, ON N1L 1B3

Customer Review:

The facials here are the best! My skin feels so clean and soft. Jaime-Lee is very friendly and knowledgeable with the Dermalogica products, and even gave me a few samples to take home. Also, she gave me a completely painless eyebrow wax. The spa itself is very clean and absolutely beautiful.

I recently visited the spa for my first ever facial, and I wasn’t disappointed!! My skin feels amazing, and following my session the girls who work there were beyond helpful in recommending products that would work well for me. And to clarify, they were helpful without being pushy about what to buy which I definitely appreciate!! Salon was very clean and the whole experience was awesome. Would definitely recommend it to anyone in Guelph!

6) Natalie Maaden Spa

Visiting Natalie Maaden Spa was an immersion into indulgence, where every treatment felt like a personal tribute to one’s well-being. Client testimonials echo a chorus of satisfaction, highlighting an oasis that nurtures both skin and spirit.

Business Information:

Phone: +15197673331
Address: 1460 Gordon St, Guelph, ON N1L 1C8, Canada

Customer Review:

“Every time I have been here, I leave feeling great! The atmosphere is awesome and everyone is super kind. I got a deluxe facial from Sarah today and her service was far above and beyond! I highly recommend this spa.”

“Today I had the best facial I’ve ever had in my life. I booked with the esthetician Parker and she was absolutely incredible. She had such a positive passion to help treat my acne and scarring. I would give 10 stars if I could! I felt so comfortable and confident with her practice. I will definitely be back for more and recommend to others. Thank you Parker! You are truly amazing”

FAQs About Best Facial Spas in Guelph

These spas offer a variety of facial treatments, including customized facials, anti-aging procedures, hydration therapies, and more, each tailored to individual skin needs.

Absolutely. Each of these spas prides itself on offering gentle and effective options suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, ensuring everyone can enjoy a serene spa experience.

While individual needs may vary, it’s generally recommended to get a facial every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimal skin health, as confirmed by the expertise of these top Guelph spas.

Yes, these spas not only provide exceptional treatments but also offer comprehensive skincare advice and recommendations for daily routines that complement their in-spa services.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re drawn to the bespoke journeys of Seema’s Spa & Salon, the modern oasis of Skin Studio Beauty Co., or the indulgent experience of Natalie Maaden Spa, Guelph’s best facial spas stand ready to transcend your skincare expectations. With each fostering a unique, serene environment, your journey to glowing skin and relaxed sensibilities is just an appointment away.

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