The 3 Best Dry Cleaners In Kitchener [2024]

Best Dry Cleaners In Kitchener

The best dry cleaners in Kitchener can take care of all your laundry needs! Whether you need regular clothes cleaning or special-occasion dress cleanings, these businesses have you covered. 

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When you choose one of these Kitchener dry cleaners, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your clothes will look great and smell fresh! 


What’s the average cost of dry cleaning in Kitchener?

The average cost of dry cleaning in Kitchener is anywhere between $10-$20. This price range varies depending on the size and type of garment being cleaned, but it’s generally lower than the costs found in other major cities across Canada. 

And because there are so many small businesses operating within Kitchener, you can be sure that you will always find a local merchant offering competitive prices for your laundry needs. 

If you need to get your clothes clean quickly and cheaply, consider turning to one of these independent cleaners instead of going to a chain store or big-box retailer.

Here’s a list of the average prices you can expect to pay for certain pieces:

  • T-shirts: $7.50-$12
  • Shirts with collars and cuffs: $10.00-$15
  • Blouses, polo shirts, sweaters: $14.00-$22
  • Jeans: $17 (Prices for jeans can be higher if they are dry cleaned inside out)

The Best Dry Cleaners In Kitchener

1) Sunshine Laundry and Dry Cleaner

Sunshine Laundry and Dry Cleaner is a locally owned and operated business that specializes in providing quality laundry and dry cleaning services. The company offers a wide range of services, including regular washes, repairs, alterations, special orders and more.

It is a large, clean laundry facility that offers washers and dryers for $4, $9 or $11. The washing machines are priced lower than other laundromats in other companies.

This makes Sunshine Laundry an enjoyable place to visit regardless of what you’re doing – whether you’re waiting on your laundry or just taking some time off from work!

Business Information:
3101 Kingsway Dr #7, Kitchener, ON N2C 2M5, Canada

Customer Review:

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2) Sauders Dry Cleaners and Laundromat

Sauders Dry Cleaners and Laundromat is a trusted dry cleaner that does an amazing job of taking care of your clothes. The store provides top-quality service from beginning to end, which ensures that you are always satisfied with the final product. 

The company provides customers with an extensive array of service options. The company’s experienced staff can handle everything from regular washes to special orders or alterations.

Whether you need your clothes cleaned or laundered, Sauders is the perfect place for you!

Business Information:
120 Ottawa St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 3K5, Canada

Customer Review:

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3) Stitch It Clothing Alterations & Dry Cleaning

At Stitch It, they’re dedicated to giving each and every one of their clients a wonderful experience while helping them fit, feel, and look fantastic. With their 30-day guarantee, they are convinced that you will be delighted with your purchase! 

In addition to this assurance, the shop provides a vast array of goods and services catered to the requirements of their clients. Moreover, they will take all required steps to set things right if there is ever a problem with your purchase (which is quite rare).

They offer the most reputable dry cleaning laundry services. Their work is carefully done to ensure your complete satisfaction. They can accommodate you even if you need to get your clothing done at the last minute since they are aware that life occurs. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy solution for your dirty clothes or you need them cleaned in accordance with the highest standards, they offer reliable and trustworthy service that will meet your needs!

Business Information:
2960 Kingsway Dr Unit M002, Kitchener, ON N2C 1X1, Canada

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FAQs About Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning is a great way to keep your clothes looking their best. Not only does it remove dirt, dust and other particles from fabrics, but it also sanitizes them so they retain their original shape and color.
Most people usually dry clean their clothes every 2-3 months, but it depends on the type of clothing and how much wear it has.
Most people usually dry clean their clothing if it’s going to be more than a few days before they wear it. If you’re only going to wear the item for one day, then you can probably just hang it up and let it air out.
A dry cleaner will clean your clothes but won’t wash them. Laundromats typically include washing machines and do all of the laundry for you – including delicate items like blouses or suits.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best dry cleaners in Kitchener are highly diverse and offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick turnaround or an environmentally friendly option, there’s sure to be a dry cleaner in Kitchener that will fit your needs. 

With many years of experience under their belts, these businesses have perfected the art of cleaning clothes quickly and efficiently. So if you’re ever in town, be sure to check out one of these amazing establishments – you won’t regret it!

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