The 4 Best Dog Daycares In Cambridge [2024]

Best Dog Daycares In Cambridge

Away from your furry friend? Don’t worry! Cambridge’s premier dog daycares have got you covered!

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Enjoy your away time while confident that your dog is receiving utmost care from experienced professionals!


What's the average cost of dog daycare in Cambridge?

There is no one answer to this question as the cost of dog daycare can vary greatly depending on the specific facility and its amenities. However, we did compile a list of some averages for different types of facilities in order to give you an idea. 

Generally speaking, expect to pay between $20-$40 per day for full-time care, with discounts available for multiple days or longer periods of stay. 

The Best Dog Daycares In Cambridge

1) Doggie Stay n Play

Doggie Stay and Play is a place where dogs can just be dogs. No kennels or prisons. a spacious, secure setting with a 2-acre outdoor fence for your dog to run around and enjoy! 

A playground, ball throwers, a water feature, and more are available at the park. In addition to giving your pet a fun place to play, the park offers environmental education programs that encourage responsible pet ownership via ethical treatment of animals.

You can be confident that this is a wonderful location to take your dog for a fun-filled day. The level of attention the team gives the pets reflects how much they actually care for them. 

Aside from offering excellent care, the facility also provides plenty of open room for dogs to run about in. Doggie Stay and Play is the only daycare you need to consider if you want your dog to be happy.

Business Information:
3936 Old Beverly Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S7, Canada

Customer Review:

Beyond Pain Clinic is the best place I could find around KW area. Amery is very professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I’m relieved from foot pain I’ve been suffering for a very long time since I started visiting her clinic. She is the best! AMAZING!!!”



2) Tonya's Tails and Trails

Tonya’s Tails and Trails offers more than just pet care – they provide a tailored experience for every pet and their owner. Their aim to build strong relationships with their four-legged and two-legged clients guarantees the highest quality of care for your beloved companions. Your pets are in good hands with their dedicated team! Tonya’s Tails and Trails prioritizes a pet’s happiness, safety, and well-being above all else. With open communication and personalized care plans, they ensure that every pet receives the love and attention they deserve.

Business Information:

Phone: 519-803-5670 
Address: 31 Bradbury Crescent, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 7A3

Customer Review:

We have been clients of Tonya’s for over a year now and she and her team are incredible! Tonya’s knowledge and experience with challenging breeds is evident (our dog is a stubborn wild one!) and her passion for caring for animals shines through. We use her walking and visiting services, as well we recently left our little man with her for two weeks while we went on our first vacation in a VERY long time. It was so tough to leave him but Tonya took the absolute best care of him and I trust no other! Even if I live far far away I’m still boarding my dogs with her!! I recommend her services to anyone in the area looking for someone who is going to actually care about the well-being of your dog! Thanks for being amazing!!!

We have been using Tonya’s services for almost 2 years. Tonya and Cloe have a passion for animals and always provide our dog with the best love and care. They are both truly amazing! They are reliable, dependable, understanding, trustworthy, and flexible! They consistently go above and beyond to care for our dog. We are grateful to have found such wonderful care takers for our dog. They put the safety and well-being of our dog first and genuinely care. We would highly recommend Tonya and Cloe!



3) New Approach Canine Training Academy

New Approach Canine Training Academy is composed of dog lovers with a combined 28 years of hands-on professional expertise. Their experiences have made one thing very clear to them: owning a dog that will occasionally sit when called is pretty enjoyable. The business is aimed at people’s understanding of the need for “A New Approach” to properly train dogs while still adding traditional training techniques like obedience commands into their curriculum to ensure the long-term success of each unique approach.

The team is made up of actual specialists who are fully aware of the many canine behavioral issues that might arise and how to handle them.

Additionally, they offer advice on how to educate your pet using positive reinforcement techniques during every session. They will not only guide you through each stage and offer any assistance required for your success, but they will also respond to all queries raised by participants throughout sessions. 

With the assistance of New Approach Canine Training Academy, not only will your dog behave better, but you’ll also pick up some useful techniques that you can use while handling other challenging circumstances in life.

Business Information:
225 Sheldon Dr, Cambridge, ON N1T 1A1, Canada

Customer Review:

I’ve been here a number of times and had an awesome experience every time. I just started seeing Dr. Heather Robinson for naturopathic care and she is so kind, patient and knowledgeable. She took the time to answer all my questions and didn’t make me feel rushed at all. She even took the time to give me a quick call when I had some questions about the supplements she prescribed for me. I’ve also been seeing Jessica del Rosso for counseling for anxiety and she’s so down to earth and easy to talk to. She explains things in very practical terms and makes things easy to understand. I’d highly recommend Sage Clinic!”



4) Willow Acres Pet Boarding

The premium dog boarding facility Willow Acres Pet Boarding is conveniently situated just south of Cambridge (Galt), Ontario, in a picturesque rural setting surrounded by imposing willow trees. The business offers a range of events and activities in addition to comprehensive treatment to keep your furry pals amused and involved.

Likewise, the team at this facility is committed to giving each pet the particular care and attention they require. As your pet is staying, they also take the time to update you. 

Don’t hesitate to choose Willow Acres Pet Boarding since they have a cozy, safe setup and offer excellent care from their team as well as value for your beloved family members!

Business Information:
1505 McLean Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S2, Canada

Customer Review:

Highly recommend iCare for its great and efficient treatment! Here the much more positive and quicker results have been seen and appreciated! So patients could possibly get even better results by less clinic visits and save money. Frank is very knowledgeable in many areas and he listens carefully then make the proper treatment plan.”



FAQs About Dog Daycare

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the appropriateness of dog daycare for your pet depends on a variety of factors. Some things you might want to consider include the size and type of dog care facility, whether or not your pet has any special needs (such as being anxious around other animals), how often you’re available to pick up your pet and what time of day you’d like them cared for.

There are a variety of types and styles of Dog Daycare that can accommodate all types of pets, from small dogs to large breeds. Some popular options include indoor/outdoor playtime with other doggie friends or simply lounging around inside while their guardians get some work done. If your pup loves going on walks, check out a facility that offers both outdoor and indoor walks – this will give them the best possible experience! What are some of the benefits to dog daycare?
Some of the benefits to dog daycare include: providing your pet with a safe place to play and relax; having someone take care of him or her while you’re away; helping teach obedience skills.
A typical dog daycare package includes room and board for your pet, as well as care from trained staff. Some packages also include playtime and training opportunities.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in finding the best dog daycare in Cambridge, then this list is for you. We have done extensive research to find the top dog daycares in Cambridge that offer a variety of services such as boarding, grooming, training, and more. 

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