The 3 Best Basement Renovation Companies In Kitchener [2024]

When it comes to basements, many homeowners are eager to renovate or remodel them in some way. 

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Whether you’re looking for a simple update that includes new flooring, walls, and ceilings or want more complex renovations like an underground garage conversion or full basement suite installation, Kitchener has the most reliable experts who can help! 


What is the average cost for basement renovations in Cambridge?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the cost of basement renovations will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and scope of work required, the type of foundation being replaced, and whether any special permits or licenses are required.   

In general however, it is safe to say that basement renovation in Cambridge typically costs between $10-25 per square foot for repairs and upgrades (including excavation), with prices rising significantly for more extensive projects. 

So if you’re thinking about undertaking some minor or major renovation in your basement – such as adding an extra bedroom or changing out flooring – be sure to get estimates from several contractors so you can find someone who offers competitive rates without breaking the bank.

The Best Basement Renovation Companies In Kitchener

TLC Home Renovations

The team at TLC Home Renovations is meticulous and pays attention to every little detail so you don’t have to. They take pleasure in their job and are professionals with more than 15 years of expertise. Since they take each job seriously, they treat every home as if it were their own, which requires extra time and work. While they make sure projects are finished on time, they do not skimp on quality, which guarantees consistent high-quality output. 

Additionally, they are aware of the procedures needed in every element of the industry, from design to building, and they like to let the quality of their work speak for itself.

You can be confident that TLC Renovation will do a fantastic job remodeling your basement and will go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction with the outcomes, as well as the efficiency, communication, and entire process. 

Moreover, the price is also quite fair. TLC Home Renovations is now one of the most well-known teams in the area, and both homes and businesses rely on them for their excellent finishes and unmatched customer service!

Business Information:
Kitchener, ON, Canada

Customer Review:

Beyond Pain Clinic is the best place I could find around KW area. Amery is very professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I’m relieved from foot pain I’ve been suffering for a very long time since I started visiting her clinic. She is the best! AMAZING!!!”



2) Gluzman Contractors

Gluzman Contractors is a highly skilled and competent construction business that provides its clients with superior service. Kitchener/Waterloo and the neighboring communities have received the greatest services from Gluzman contractors. 

When you work with them, you can count on receiving reasonable costs, outstanding quality, and top-notch customer service. They are equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to handle almost any task that comes their way. Clients may count on these contractors for professionalism, efficiency, and remarkable outcomes.

Because of their expertise and friendliness, the crew at this organization excels at delivering projects on schedule and under budget. The staff also goes above and beyond to build long-lasting relationships with their customers. 

This guarantees that every client receives top-notch customer service throughout their interactions with the project. Choose Gluzman Contractors if you want a team to accomplish an excellent job on your home!

Business Information:
15 Wisteria Ct, Kitchener, ON N2E 3T4, Canada

Customer Review:

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3) Westmount Craftsmen

The designers of Westmount Craftsmen are of the opinion that good interior and exterior design are just as important as creating a setting that is pleasant and gratifying. 

To develop a timeless style for each of your living spaces, their team of talented designers will collaborate with you. A high-quality canvas should be used for the main design so that accents, furniture, and accessories may be added or subtracted to suit shifting fashions. By doing so, you may maintain your home’s distinctive appearance while still keeping up with fashion trends.

Consequently, the staff at Westmount Craftsmen is made up of professionals that show up on schedule and do a fantastic job cleaning up after themselves. The finished result will be of high quality, attractively done, and with great attention to detail on the structural parts of the project. 

They will produce and build the house precisely the way you imagine it. They also keep you informed of their work and constantly ask about your preferences. 

Consider Westmount Craftsmen if you are keen to renovate your home!

Business Information:
100 Campbell Ave #11, Kitchener, ON N2H 4X8, Canada

Customer Review:

Highly recommend iCare for its great and efficient treatment! Here the much more positive and quicker results have been seen and appreciated! So patients could possibly get even better results by less clinic visits and save money. Frank is very knowledgeable in many areas and he listens carefully then make the proper treatment plan.”



FAQs About Basement Renovation

Basement renovations provide an opportunity to update and improve the entire layout of your home, including: adding new ceilings, walls and flooring; installing a kitchen or family room below ground level; expanding your basement for additional storage space or recreation; creating custom features such as wet bars or wine cellars.
Renovating your basement can provide many benefits such as increased home value, better insulation and more space for storage. It’s important to consult with a contractor or specialist if you’re considering renovating your basement though, in order to avoid any costly mistakes.

Before you have your basement renovated, it’s important to know what kind of renovation is best for your needs. You may want to discuss the options with a contractor or an architect so you can get an idea of how much money and time will be needed. Additionally, make sure to take into account things like ventilation and access – these are key factors when deciding whether or not renovations are worth doing!

Most homeowners would recommend having their basement renovated within 5 to 10 years of purchasing their home. However, it’s always a good idea to have your contractor give you an estimate so you can get an idea of what the project will cost and when they think it could be done.

Final Thoughts

A basement renovation can add a lot of value to your home. If you’re looking for extra living space, an income suite or just want to update your current basement, these companies will be able to help you achieve your goals. 

And to fully get rid of those pesky bed bugs that might have settled down in your lovely dwelling, don’t hesitate to contact the best bed bugs exterminators in Kitchener!

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