The 4 Best Bars In Cambridge [2024]

Best Bars In Cambridge

In search of the perfect poise between banter, brews, and bites? Dive into Cambridge’s top-rated bars!

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Whether you’re planning a laid-back evening with pals or seeking dialogue over decadent offerings, our top-rated Cambridge bars promise an unparalleled experience.


What are some popular reasons why people go to bars in Cambridge?

Bars in Cambridge can be popular for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Socializing: Bars can be a good place to meet up with friends or make new ones.
  2. Relaxing: Bars can provide a relaxed atmosphere where people can unwind and relax after a long day.
  3. Live music: Many bars in Cambridge offer live music, which can be a popular attraction.
  4. Special events: Bars in Cambridge may host special events, such as trivia nights, karaoke nights, or happy hours, which can be a draw for people looking for a fun activity.
  5. Sports: Some bars in Cambridge may have TVs showing live sports games, which can be a popular reason for people to visit.
  6. Food and drink: Bars in Cambridge may offer a variety of food and drink options, such as appetizers, sandwiches, and cocktails, which can be a reason for people to visit.
  7. Entertainment: Bars in Cambridge may offer other forms of entertainment, such as games or pool tables, which can be a reason for people to visit.

It’s important to note that different bars in Cambridge may have different themes or focus on different types of entertainment, so it’s a good idea to check out the offerings of a specific bar before visiting.

The Best Bars In Cambridge

1) Four Fathers Brewing Co.

Best Bars In Cambridge

Four Fathers Brewing Co. has a long history of supporting the local community through its Stand 4 Something Good beer series. They proudly create a unique beer each quarter in support of a neighbourhood or regional effort that has been selected and voted on by their team, with a percentage of the revenues going to that cause. 

This not only contributes to the funding of worthy projects, but also shows how dedicated the firm is to doing its lot to make the world better one point at a time.

Consequently, the service at this pub is excellent, combining both courteous and efficient servers with delicious meals and ample servings. A good assortment of beers on tap enhances the experience and the really intriguing decor contributed to the store’s overall enjoyable mood. 

So Four Fathers Brewing Co. is highly recommended if you’re seeking for a wonderful place to spend an evening!

Business Information:
125 Guelph Ave, Cambridge, ON N3C 1A5, Canada

Customer Review:

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2) E.V.O. Kitchen

E.V.O Kitchen is more than just a restaurant; it’s a local gem that blends modern vibes with the rich character of its historic setting. Nestled in the heart of the community, E.V.O Kitchen has grown into a beloved spot for dining, gathering, and celebrating. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing brunch on our patio, hosting a gathering in our spacious second-floor event space, or simply grabbing a coffee to-go, E.V.O Kitchen invites you to savor healthy, gourmet food in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Business Information:

Phone: (519) 740-9900
Address: 31 Water St S, Cambridge, ON N1R 3C7 

Customer Review:

“Walking around downtown Cambridge and was recommended to try Evo Kitchen.  Was pleasantly impressed with their menu and presentations.  The Fish Tacos are one of the best that I have had.  Glad to be here!”

“We adore this place! The staff is consistently kind and friendly. The food options are fantastic, with a wide variety for gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian diets. Catering services come highly recommended, it’s our go to every time. Additionally, the events are well-coordinated and incredibly enjoyable!”



3) Obie's Bar and Grille

Obie’s Bar and Grille is a reputable restaurant that prides itself on serving food made with only the finest, freshest ingredients that are, if possible, obtained locally. From their incredible burgers to their sauces and dressings, everything at Obie’s is handcrafted from scratch. 

Italian and American food are also available on the menu, giving it the ideal setting for any event. Dining at Obie’s is a genuinely unique experience because it not only has excellent food but also a cozy ambience.

Another important point to make is that Obie’s Bar and Grille is a fantastic spot to get burgers. There, this dish is made crispy on the exterior and juicy on the inside. Additionally, the fries are excellent as well; they are cooked to perfection and have a pleasant crunch. 

Last but not least, their spin dip is also deserving of notice; it has a fantastic taste and is quite creamy. Ultimately, it is unquestionably worthwhile to visit Obie’s Bar & Grille!

Business Information:
209 Pinebush Rd #6a, Cambridge, ON N1R 7H8, Canada

Customer Review:

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4) M&M Bar and Grill

For more than three decades, the Galt neighbourhood has been served by the family-run M&M Bar and Grill. Back in the day, they were known as Regal Donuts! 

For three generations, they have worked hard to serve their friends and family while maintaining their integrity. The restaurant serves both traditional Canadian fare and inventive takes on time-honored classics.

In addition to offering mouth-watering culinary selections, M&M also has an incredible assortment of drinks, including specialty martinis crafted with ingredients that are obtained locally. 

Not only is the service superb, but so is the cuisine. Therefore, M&M Bar and Grill is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite (and thirst! ), whether you’re searching for a quick snack or something more substantial.

Business Information:
475 Main St East, Cambridge, ON N1R 8N9, Canada

Customer Review:

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FAQs About Bars

Some popular beers at bars in Cambridge include Sam Adams, Budweiser, Coors Light and Guinness.
Popular snacks at bars include chips and pretzels, peanuts, nuts and seeds, fruit cups and energy bites.
The average cost of beer at bars in Cambridge ranges from $4 to $6 per pint.
Some popular ways to entertain yourself at a bar include playing pool, darts or video games. You can also order a drink and watch the game on one of the large television screens.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best bars in Cambridge are highly diverse and offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a place to watch the game or grab a drink with friends, there’s sure to be a bar in Cambridge that will fit your needs. 

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